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 CHARCON  Oct 18-19, 2008

Session Reports 2008:

9/9/08: Nefertiti, Thingamagig, Motormouth, Deukalion, Kayak Chaos, Betrayal House on the Hill, Das Amulett, Muli
9/18/08: Dragon's Gold (Charlie), Wine Handler (Trav. O.), Pandemic (Germs), Municipium (Ted), Garibaldi (Charlie), Times Up (Travis')
9/11/08: Klunker (Ted), Pandemic (Kris, Ted, Travis O.), Tinner's Trail, Bootleggers (Ted)
8/27/08: Shadow Hunters (Travis, Tom, Charlie, Travis), Poison (Michelle), Ticket To Ride (Charlie), Diamant (Travis O.), Senji (Dave), Tribune (Travis R.)
8/21/08: Red November, Shadow Hunters
7/24/08:  Carpe Astra (Charlie), First Hand (Ted), Uptown (Travis), Caylus Magna Carta (Travis), Settlers Dice (Ted), Big Top (Ted), Beowulf the Movie Game (Travis), Say Anything (Travis)
7/17/08:  Rat Hot (Dave, under protest), Carpe Astra (Charlie), Estimated Time to Invasion (Ted, alien), Samurai (Charlie)
7/3/08:  Transamerica (Ted), That's Life (Ted), Stephenson's Rocket (Ted), Ciao Ciao (Ted), Liars Dice (Dave), Pillars of the Earth (Travis), Lawless (Ted), Conflict of Heroes, California (Ted), Paris Paris (Travis)
6/19/08:  St. Petersburg (Tony), Guatamala Cafe (Dave), Mystery Rummy Chicago (Doug/Michelle), New England (Ted), Clippers
6/12/08: For Sale, RRT-UK, Zendo, King Me!
5/28/08:  Taluva (Ted), Portabello Market (Charlie), Mu (Charlie), Fresh Fish (Dave), Hot Dog (Dave), Land Unter (Charlie)
5/21/08:  Flashentuefel (Charlie), Suzerain (Dave), Volldampf (Charlie), Hanging Gardens (Charlie)
5/14/08:  Lost Cities, Don, Krieg und Frieden, Salamanca, High Society, Raj
5/7/08:  Blackbeard, LoTR Card Game, Sieben Weissen, Mystery Rummy, Wyatt Earp Beowulf
4/30/08:  Inn Fighting (Tony), Saloon (Tom), Taj Mahal (Travis), Year of the Dragon (Travis), Entdecker in Search of the Jade Goddess (Ted), Entdecker (Ted)
4/23/08:  Freya's Folly, Mission Red Planet, Alhambra, Gypsy King, Guerilla
4/16/08:  Cartegena 2, Taluva, Australia, Web of Power, Cuba, Money, Princes of Florence
3/26/08:  Hollywood Blockbuster, Times Up, Medival Merchant
3/19/08:  Baseball, Golf Mania, Surf's Up, Betrayal House on the Hill, Prototype
3/15/08:  WV Tech Game Day
3/12/08:  Wiz War, Amyitis, Starfarers of Catan, Vapor's Gambit
3/5/08:  Merchants of Venus, Svea Rike
2/27/08: Kronos
2/20/08: Ubongo, Rumis, Cuba, Railroad Tycoon Europe, Prototype, Oregon
2/13/08:  In the Year of the Dragon
2/6/08:  Prototype, El Capitan, In the Year of the Dragon, Oregon
1/30/08:  Jambo, Candidate, More Backpacks and Blisters
1/23/08:  Fire and Axe, Modern Art, Intrigue
1/16/08:  Giganten, Manhattan, China

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