Atlanta Area boardgaming

There are not too many gamers in Atlanta. That or I am missing a few folks. Still I know of two public gaming groups in the area that gather on a weekly basis. Anyone who knows of other groups that accept folks freely, please let me know.

Atlanta Board Games: Boring name. Neat group. About 8-12 people gather on most Tuesdays around 7:00 at the War Room. For more info, check out the website (including a big honking Carabande board) at this link.

The schedule is:
Tuesdays of each month (War Room)

There is a mailing list you can check out ( group name is Atlantaboardgames.) Games played tend to be light strategy games, especially Rio Grande, imports, and the occasional card game. Plus whatever demented thing I've stuck in my bag.

The Brain Gym. This is a semi-private group that meets in Acworth on alternate Saturdays. The club has been meeting since 1982 at the house of Don Stout. From a list of 30-40 people, he invites folks with matching tastes, varying the group a bit, with 8-12 people attending each Saturday. Contact Don ([email protected]) for more info.

Georgia Tech Role Playing and Wargaming Society: A very informal gathering that usually starts each Saturday around 2:00PM on the top floor of the Georgia Tech Student Center. Games range all over the map, from Titan, Axis and Allies, to Bridge. Attendance varies wildly as well, as many of the folks are Tech students. So there are fewer people during the summer, and on quarter breaks.

A few gamers will occasionally meet at The War Room to play. But I've yet to see a set schedule. I also know of a few small private groups that meet at peoples houses on an irregular basis.

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