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"When hinges creak in doorless chambers, and strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls. When candlelights flicker though the air is deathly still. That is the time when ghosts are present..."

-- The Ghost Host from Disney's Haunted Mansion

Gaming Dumpster If you are looking for the Gaming Dumpster, it is really really dead. Most of the data got moved to the Dumpster, but some slipped through the cracks. If you want a copy of the translations, and WANT to download a 46Meg file, click here.

Dia de Los Muertos is a very unusual trick taking card game to be published in about 1000 copies..  Some details on the game and artwork are available on separate pages.

The game is illustrated with classic (read this as public domain, free, but much nicer than anything we could have done.) Day of the Dead engravings. 

News: 5/19/01: Got my Spanish translation. It and cards are available on the Boardgamegeek.
5/19/01: And about half of the run of Muertos has sold, so there are about 500 copies left.
Reviews: Bruno Faidutti has added Muertos to his Ideal Game Library.
2/5/01: The best review is one which is posted to The Games Journal for the February issue. Other reviews hide out at Funagain, and a nice session report from Peter Sarrett at the Game Report. See the rules page for all I've got on the game.

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